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Who makes these Skimaps?

These Skimaps are made by one person, Matt Liapis. Independant Map Guy. He does this in his spare time because he loved doing it. Read more on the About Page.

Where does the data come from?

Matt creates and regularly updates all the data to create these unique resort trail maps he calls Skimaps.

Is he commissioned by the resorts?

No. He is independent.

This is the same ski resort data and maps as the .org site right?

No. This skimap site is unrelated to any open source project.

What makes this site any better than open source or big mapping companies that sell my data?

Ski Resort data changes all the time. Trusting in big mapping companies or open source can be a recipe for disaster. Do they have your best interests in mind?

How often is the data updated?

Matt updates the data for each resort at least yearly. Every resort map gets a review annually. Any changes get updated to the database and will show up here.

What resorts are included?

There are over 630 resorts in North America currently in the database.

What if something is out of place?

Contact Matt for a data review so he can get things squared away.

Is this Matt's only job?

No. He has another day job helping clients around the country with map projects.

So what layers are available?

There are 20 different layers that make up the complete Skimap picture. To see them all you need to be on Tier 2 or 3. Details available here.

What is a layer?

A layer contains information about a place. For example, a lift has a start and end point. What direction it travels. It's name and capacity. All of this information is stored for every feature at a resort. It is a living database of sorts.

Does he expand to new areas or resorts every year?

Yes he does. More resorts are added yearly. Want one added? Contact Matt.

I love these maps. Can I get them in print form?

Definitely. Move on over to Mapsynergy shop for all the options.

Wait I have seen these on Powder Addicts right?

Now you are catching on. Same maps and data just new options.

Where can I find out more on how Matt does this?

Head on over to Mapsynergy for more details on what he does.

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